Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This past weekend was a busy one…Thanksgiving…2 separate day-long trips into town …working on the set for the Christmas play…Teddy’s Birthday…and I am SO thankful!! God has blessed us with such an amazing missionary family here in Kudjip…and He is constantly providing opportunities for us to find joy.

Thanksgiving – Teddy and I had the privilege of hosting Thursday night prayer and worship meetings in our home for the month of November. For the last meeting, a Pie Potluck Prayer Meeting was planned to bring all the missionaries on the station together to have a time of fellowship, prayer, and worship at the Barnabas House (a home where large groups stay when they come to serve). Anticipating the need to set-up and prepare for the meeting, and having both worked all day on Thursday, we decided to post-pone our Thanksgiving meal and eat leftovers. Thankfully…we were able to prepare for the meeting in the afternoon and received a last-minute invite from the Myers to join them at their home. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal there (minus the turkey…..can’t get it in PNG)…there were about 20 people all around a huge table….it felt just like home! After dinner, everyone headed over to the Pie/Prayer meeting. I have had the immense pleasure of leading worship at all the prayer meetings for the past month…and felt like I was in heaven hearing all the missionary families worshipping that night. I am so thankful that God has provided opportunities for me to do what I LOVE…. worship! 
Thanksgiving meal at the Myers
My little helper Gracyn.  :)

My favorite worship spot...the floor.

The whole Kudjip Family!

On Friday….The day started with a wonderful Skype call with my family! It was 6AM here and they had just finished eating an early afternoon Thanksgiving meal….it was so good to hear all their voices. My nephew even played the trumpet for us! Another Friday activity….although I have never in my life been shopping on Black Friday in the states…I went shopping in Mt. Hagen with a group of women from the station. It was a wonderful trip. Usually when I go into town the purpose is to get my months’ worth of groceries….but this time we explored some of the non-food stores and I was able to pick up a few kitchen supplies we were lacking and birthday/Christmas presents for Teddy.

Saturday…Teddy woke up early to go on a bird walk with the McCoy’s (amazing picture at the top of the blog)….while I got caught up on laundry and began preparing a few items for our Thanksgiving meal. I want to take a minute to brag on my husband…even though it was the weekend….and birthday weekend at that…Teddy graciously helped me in preparing the set for the Christmas play and worked on it all Saturday afternoon and some of Sunday morning. I am not artistic at all…so I am thankful for a talented husband who can sketch/paint just about anything!  All I helped with was mixing the colors...It looks amazing! Saturday evening was our time to stuff ourselves with Thanksgiving-ish food….thanks to my mom, sisters, and friends from back home, we were able to have most of the necessary foods: stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, biscuits and….the ultimate of all Thanksgiving desserts….pumpkin pie! 

Teddy working on the set - Day 1

Teddy working on the set - Day 2


Thanksgiving Meal! 
Loved all the colors in this pic!

Pumpkin Pie!!!

Sunday…I surprised Teddy with breakfast in bed for his birthday. We had a lovely Skype call with his family for his birthday and he was able to open his presents that had arrived just days before. Thanks to Misty King, I was able to prepare a vanilla birthday cake with buttercream frosting….I am thankful for Pillsbury! : ) On Sunday afternoon, we had several missionary families over to celebrate Teddy’s birthday….it was a great time spent with our new friends. Teddy wore the honorary Kudjip birthday hat and everyone sang all 7 verses of the Kudjip birthday song…it was the perfect end to a very busy and fulfilling weekend. I am thankful for so many things….for an amazing Creator who made the beautiful place we are living ….for opportunities to lead worship….for the missionary family we are surrounded by this holiday season….for wonderful students I have the honor to teach….for an amazing husband who inspires me every day…and for the privilege of serving and giving a year of my life to God’s work. 
Happy Birthday Teddy!!



Thankful for the GIANT snail Teddy found in the lawn!  :)

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