Sunday, May 3, 2020

Because we didn't leave...

Two weeks ago, we should have been departing home to Richmond, but God had other plans in mind.  Now that our time here at Kudjip has doubled, we are able to accomplish and experience much more than we had planned.  Thanks to dear friends taking grocery lists into Mount Hagen, our fridge and pantry are stocked for another month, and we are ready to keep on with the work God puts before us.  For Ted, this means helping the short-staffed medical team by continuing to see patients in clinic, taking turns in the COVID tent, and being on call every few days.  For me, this means helping the missionary families by continuing to host a Pre-K Playgroup three days a week so the parents can work on school and other ministry tasks.  We are delighted to stay here as long as God allows, and are thoroughly enjoying the extra time with our Kudjip Family!

Here are some snippets of life over the last two weeks - all the things we have experienced because we didn't leave.

These two had been taking up residence in our outdoor laundry shed and would greet me each time I walked out to do a load - they died of natural causes.  (No tears shed over the spider)

Pennie and Solomon have been good sports about trying new foods while we are here in PNG.  
Their newest FAVORITE thing to eat is "suga prut" - a yellow passionfruit grown in the highlands.  They suck down these slimy seeds like it's candy!  

This is how the local kids eat them - peeled, and sucked out of a hole at the top.  

Slimy Seeds!

Pennie prefers to eat her suga prut with a spoon.  

We get outside and play every day.  This requires the arduous process of applying sunscreen, bug spray, sun hats, and shoes to two squirmy toddlers - all before leaving the house.  Upon return, the equally difficult task of disrobing, hosing and washing hands/feet/faces and having a snack exhausts everyone enough that they usually have a nice afternoon nap.  

Solomon is VERY into collecting rocks - there are plenty to choose from here! 

A friend shared some bananas while we were on a walk. 
Solomon loves to ride in his "backpack" (what he calls the baby carrier).

Somehow Pennie ends up with mud on her face every. single. day.

We attend a weekly missionary prayer meeting on Thursday nights.  It is a wonderful time of worship, prayer and fellowship, and is something we look forward to each week.  

This past Friday night, I had the privilege of hosting an informal baby celebration for my dear friend Imelda.  She and I have kept in touch over the years since we left Kudjip in 2015, and in that time she has gotten married and is due very soon with their firstborn.  I am overjoyed to be here when she has her baby - especially because I am sorely missing the births of some of my nearest and dearest friends back in Richmond.  We had a lovely evening gathering all the women of the station together for a time of food, fellowship and prayer over Imelda and her soon to arrive babe.  (Photo credit to Esther) 


  1. We've been thinking of y'all and praying for your strength and safety!! So glad to see this update.
    - The Olmsteds (Steven, Kara, Cora Jane and Baby Girl #2 (due Aug. 14!)

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you guys!

  3. Hey Hendersons. Please forgive us for failing to comment sooner. Our first on your work through this blog left us speechless, humbled and convicted and we are grateful for that. Since then, we have been following and praying for you all. We think of your service often and are greatly encouraged by the joy in which you love others. Thank you for displaying the love of Christ so well - He is surely glorified. See you soon.