Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Thank you all and PRAISE GOD !!!
We are just over 75% of our way to the $25K goal!

We are still praying/believing to be 100% funded before our departure in the last week of August, but are TOTALLY confident that God will provide for ALL our needs in HIS perfect timing!

  • All our PAPERWORK is being processed!
    • The PNG Physician Registration is currently submitted for approval
    • Once approved, the PNG Work Visa may be submitted
    • Once the Work Visa is approved, we can submit our PNG Entry Visas
    • Once we've got our Visas, we're clear to GO!  :-)
***Please pray for God's favor over these permits/visas***
  • We have started the process of arranging FLIGHTS!
    • Washington DC --> LA --> Brisbane Australia --> Papua New Guinea
  • We have made arrangements with our JOBS
    • Ted graduates from the VCU Pediatrics Residency on June 14th!!! ...and will then work an extra 2 months at VCU until our departure
    • Rachel has put in for a year of leave from her teaching position, and will be working both summer school sessions before our departure
  • We got our VACCINES and health checks!   OUCH !!!  ;-)