Monday, January 20, 2020



We are really excited to report a BIG answer to prayer - the PNG Work Visa we have been waiting for has finally been approved!  Thanks so much for all your prayer support. Phew!  :-)

Also, today marks SIX WEEKS until our departure on March 1st, and we're beginning to let ourselves get pretty excited about going. Using all of her clever Special Ed training, Rachel recently put together a beautiful Social Story booklet for Pennie and Solomon to see all the different steps they can expect for traveling half way around the world. Of course the words "patient" and "quiet" are repeated quite a bit, but it has been so heartwarming to see their excitement about riding on a plane and playing with our missionary friends. 

While all the big items are squared away for the trip, there are still many things yet to do. We really do appreciate your words of encouragement, and please continue praying!

Love, The Hendersons