Friday, May 23, 2014

!!! Flights & Funds !!!

[x]  100% of $upport RAISED !!!

[x]  Flights Booked !!!   (Depart on August 26th)

[x]  Doing the funky-chicken-praisin-Jesus dance !!!

Praise God indeed!  Our World Medical Missions account now shows we have just surpassed the minimum required support raising goal of $25,000. How awesome is that?!  Thank you all SO MUCH for your generous support in this.  It's truly an honor to partner with you in the Lord's work!

For those of you who committed to a 1 year monthly contribution, I have looked into how any surplus funds will be used. First, and most importantly, whatever money is contributed towards the WMM Henderson account, STAYS there, until called into action for use in the mission field. This means, any funds remaining in our account upon return from PNG next year, will be retained by Samaritan's Purse in our account for our NEXT missions trip! :-) 

BUT, since these funds have been raised for God's work in Papua New Guinea, we plan to put them to good use there!  In communication with Dr. Susan Myers at Kudjip Hospital, I received the following list of ongoing projects with financial need: 
  • Funding for the purchase of MEDICATIONS that can't be obtained in-country - including certain antibiotics, cancer meds, PPIs, Ibuprofen, antifungals, etc.
  • Funding for MEDICAL SUPPLIES including gauze, tape, suture, betadine, hydrogen peroxide,  skin staples and more...they periodically run out!
  • Cost of SHIPPING medical supplies from the US to the Highlands of PNG.  The Nazarene Hospital Foundation supports Kudjip by gathering and shipping many much needed supplies, but the cost of getting the containers from the port city to the mountains is significant.
  • Replacement of “every-day” smaller pieces of EQUIPMENT ...such as oto/ophthalmoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, cast saws, glucometers, etc
  • Funding for the purchase of a CRYOSURGERY UNIT & COLPOSCOPE.

Praise God that because of YOUR faithfulness, patients at Kudjip Hospital will be even better cared for!


Please continue to PRAY for our Visas/Permits to be approved and processed before our scheduled departure on August, 26th. We are FULLY confident in God's timing! 

All our Love, Ted and Rachel

P.S. These are our excited faces! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

On Site Perspective

Dearest Family, Friends, and Followers,

As I have shared previously, Kudjip Hospital is blessed with missionaries who BLOG! What this means for us, still far from the 3rd world mission field, is that we get a beautiful inside perspective of what life in the mission field is like. When Rachel and I embark on our year in missions, this Blog will serve the same prupose, but until then, let me point you toward the amazing blogs of those who are already there. I hope you will find the life they share as exciting and edifying as I do - truly a Glory to God. Amen!

All our Love, Ted & Rachel


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