Thursday, December 17, 2015


Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you again for your AMAZING support during the year we served as missionaries in PNG! As expected, God worked in and through us, and we have not been the same since. Rachel and I reminisce often about Kudjip; our missionary family, the wonderful locals we worked with, the amazing things we experienced, and of course – the blissful climate! :-)

Life is different here in Virginia – the bustle of driving in traffic, fitting into new jobs, wrangling long To Do lists, a cacophony of choices in every store, and many joyful reunions with friends and family – not unwelcome, but different from the relative peace and simplicity of remote Highland life, and more tiring. 

God continues to call Rachel and me to serve where we are, which in this season includes leading a small group for young married couples, Rachel serving on the worship team, reconnecting with our Young Adult ministry, and helping coordinate areas of the marriage ministry of our church. Rachel is running an Autism program with a new group of kiddos, which is keeping her very busy, while I have been praising God for an AMAZING Pediatric position with P.A.H.P. (website HERE), where I have found the staff and patients to be most welcoming. I knew God was at work from day ONE when we opened the morning with a prayer circle! 

Apart from this brief update, and to wish you a Merry Christmas, we also wanted to give you the opportunity to catch up on the news and needs from Kudjip Station. Dr. Erin Meier is the hospital’s Medical Director, and she writes regularly about how God is working at Kudjip.

Please CLICK HERE to get plugged back in! 

We serve an AWESOME God, no matter the blessing or trial, and no matter where we find ourselves living/serving. In HIM, do we trust our lives. Thank you again for partnering with us – please continue to pray for God to reveal His path for our lives.

All for Jesus,
    Ted & Rachel