Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One last hiking adventure...

We have had the pleasure of going on some adventurous and visually stunning hikes while living here in Papua New Guinea.
Teddy and I were glad to have one last hike with our friends the Zimmerman's and the Daff's before we leave the country... we also brought along a visiting PA Student, Kait, and the newest missionary to Kudjip, Sheena.    
This last adventure did not disappoint!  We all piled into the cruiser and drove about 30 minutes into the bush, where we parked the car at a school and set off on our hike.  The hike began out on a hillside and in the sunshine, but then descended down to a creek bed that we walked along/in.  Our final destination was a magnificent waterfall!  We scrambled to the top to swim in a natural pool, and had a lovely picnic lunch.  
As always, it was a wonderful time with friends and a great opportunity to marvel at God's beautiful creation.  

Setting off on our adventure

Beautiful views!

Anastasia enjoys getting a ride

Into the Creek!

Zimmerman's - Best hike hosts ever!!

Solomon getting his feet wet
Lots of rock-hopping!

Feels like a river we know in VA!

Bush Knife graffiti!

The Waterfall!!

Sheena - the new dentist at Kudjip!

Teddy coaching Solomon on a jump

Solomon jumping all on his own!

Selfie with Annie at the pool half-way up the falls
Waterfall play

Sebastian jumping in!

The locals being entertained by our shenanigans! 

Locals playing cards on the side of the waterfall!

Tabitha being a cutie...as usual!

Rebecca & Sheena

Brandon introducing Tabitha to the waterfall..she LOVED it!

Warming up by a fire

The lovely Daff Family

Gonna miss this!

The whole hiking crew!

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