Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pennie's 1st Post!

This past Friday, Pennie spent the day directing me what to document and take pictures of for her first ever blog post.  All of the photo captions and descriptions are in her words. 

A day with Pennie Mae - enjoy!  
"This is how I sleep."  

"I smile every day!"

"This cockroach was in my room when I woke up!"

"I play with all of my friends at playgroup."  
"I like to play with Solomon and Charley."

"I hug Solomon every day." 

"I love watching motorcycles out the window!"

"I love crane trucks!"

"I love "horse poop" cookies!"

"We are playing horsey on Papa's back."  

"This flower is one of my favorite colors. "

"I love the color yellow!"

"I love to visit and pet Brutus." 

"This is where we play sometimes."

"These are the clouds."

"I am saying hi to the bunny."  

"I am watching the concrete mixer."  

"I think this flower looks like a jellyfish!  I love jellyfish!"

"We think the bamboo sounds like the BEACH!" 

"I am scooping up sugar fruit.  Yummy!"

"We helped Papa pick out the weeds."

"This is Papa, Pennie, John and Solomon.  John is our friend who works in our yard."  

"Friday is Pizza Movie Night!"  

"We watched Mr. Rogers!  He showed us going to the dentist."

"We eat popcorn in the dark."  

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