Monday, March 22, 2021


Dear Blog Readers,

Greetings to you all in Jesus Name. We hope 2021 and recent Spring weather has brought a fresh measure of hope and life to you all. For us, it feels like a lifetime ago we returned Stateside from PNG to find a strange new world of Covid precautions and toilet paper stockpiles. But we launched back into our life here in Richmond VA with great enthusiasm, seeing family and friends wherever possible, and embracing a healthy variety of home projects, church responsibilities and workplace challenges. 

Penniella and Solomon continued to speak a smattering of Pidgin words or phrases which kindled warm memories of our months in missions, and we were frequently asked to by them to review pictures of their friends and favorite places at Kudjip Station. We have not ceased in praying for our dear Kudjip family, both the missionaries and the nationals, who have worked overtime through a pandemic drought in volunteers to bring medical care to the Highland people. 

Of note, Dr. Erin Meier (Medical Director at Kudjip) recently posted a Blog detailing how the burden of Covid illness has only recently (a full year after the rest of the World) begun to take it's toll in PNG. !!!CLICK HERE TO READ HER BLOG!!! As a result the hospital is facing new Governmental restrictions, community fears, and a number of their own staff testing positive. PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING for Kudjip Hospital, the missionaries, the national staff, and all of Papua New Guinea. 

We have now surpassed the one year mark between trips to PNG, and have already started some of the application process for our return in early 2022. We thank God every day for His Call to serve both here and in PNG, and we are so thankful for you all. Your prayer support and encouragement is a constant example of God's love and provision in our lives. 

For Him, 

Ted, Rachel, Penniella, and Solomon

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